From pirates to superheroes, Pokémon to sports cars, a Kidzpod lunchbox allows your child to create a completely unique and personalised boys’ lunchbox.

Available in five different colours, the Kidzpod acts as the perfect lunchbag for school or is the ideal storage device around the home for pens and pencils or small toys.

What’s more, kids have complete control over what they want as the image on the front. Held behind a clear panel, images can be cut out from their favourite magazines, printed out after finding a picture online or even drawn if they want to put their artistic skills to the test!

Easy Clean Boy’s Carry Cases

However your child wants to use their Kidzpod carry case, you can rest assured that it has been designed with a smooth interior and no internal stitching, like traditional fabric lunch boxes. As a result, it is incredibly easy to keep clean and you can be confident that if your child is keeping food inside, it is 100% hygienically contained!

Buy your personalised boys lunch box online today and start enjoying the unique look that Kidzpod has to offer!

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