If your child is mad on Fortnite, like so many youngsters today, they are sure to love the ability to customise their lunchbox with their favourite Fortnite characters. With the Kidzpod lunchbox, your child can add their own image to the front, and can change it with ease every single day if they wanted too.

They could decide to print out a scene from Fortnite or draw a picture of their favourite character, including the likes of Flash, Enforcer, Ranger, Gunblazer or any of the other heroes, before simply slipping it behind the plastic covering and then enjoying a completely unique and individual lunchbox.

Quality Lunchboxes Built to Last

Our personalised Fortnite lunchboxes are manufactured to the very highest standards and, as a result, are built to last. Loved by kids and parents, they are far more hardwearing than traditional fabric designs, and are much easier to keep clean too.

If your child is looking for a Fortnite lunchbox but you can’t find a good enough quality one in the shops, order a Kidzpod lunchbox online today and let them create their very own Fortnite design in a style unique to them.

If you have a questions regarding our personalised children's lunch boxes, please get in touch:

0115 870 9922

– Email: info@kidzpod.co.uk