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It all began when Harry and Max started to take packed lunches to school. Harry chose a Dr Who lunch bag whereas Max settled for a Transformers one; both were the soft, insulated type which are sold in every supermarket. Both boys went off to school happily with their new cool lunch bags; it was on returning home that the problems started!

The school had an excellent policy that all packed lunch leftovers were returned home so that parents could see what had been eaten, but this left a dreadful mess inside the lunch bag. Sticky apple cores and banana skins, empty yoghurt pots, biscuit and cake crumbs with fruit juices and other leftovers were congealed in the corners of the bag which, despite our best efforts to clean, soon began to smell.

More time was spent trying to clean out these lunch bags than it took to pack them. After several months we replaced them as I was convinced they were riddled with so much bacteria that they would be able to walk themselves to school! This time, both boys wanted a Star Wars bag, but the older boy insisted that his younger brother didn’t have the same design as his!

And so it continued – the interior of the new bags didn’t stay fresh and clean for long and we soon had to replace them again. After this cycle repeated itself, I knew there had to be an alternative; a lunchbox that the kids would like, with the latest character on the front, and more importantly for me, one that could be cleaned out easily and was hygienic. Unfortunately, such a lunch bag didn’t exist!

I don’t know why but finding a solution to the “lunchbox crisis” became all consuming! Unfortunately, there wasn’t a solution out there – either they would have to have school dinners (which they didn’t want to do) or I would have to invent a radical new lunchbox!

Three years later, and after endless prototypes, trials and heartache, we were ready to launch the Kidzpod: a lunchbox that was not only super-easy to clean and has fantastic anti-bacterial properties, but one which could be personalised with any child’s favourite character or theme an unlimited number of times.

I still get really frustrated with products that are cheaply made, of poor quality and break far too soon. I no doubt developed this annoyance at a very young age after the huge disappointment of receiving Buckaroo and Mousetrap games which just wouldn’t work properly and simply broke after a few uses. Consequently, I vowed to create something of excellent quality, and was durable and long lasting.

The Kidzpod has evolved over the years and is now even better. It is still the easiest to clean and most anti-bacterial lunchbox around. It still has the ability for a child to interchange the picture on the front – you can use our images or insert your own. We have strengthened the base to add extra protection if dropped and introduced aluminium pinned handles which, unlike other rigid plastic boxes, see the handles become virtually indestructible. The box is easily sealed, keeping the food fresher for longer and is therefore an excellent choice when you need to transport over long distances. No single use plastics will be required for your packed lunch inside a Kidzpod and, with many customers still using the same Kidzpod for over four years, we have helped to reduce plastic waste.

The Kidzpod lunchbox has not been developed by a large company for the purpose of making huge profits, but by parents who are trying to make a difference.

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