George knight

These are amazing. We bought a blue one for our daughter when she was in year 2 and it lasted her 5 years. When she went to high school our son started using it. It has had loads of different inserts made by the kids (depending on what they were into at the time). Our…

Rehana Treece-Birch

It’s amazing, being able to combine Phineas and Ferb, Skylanders, Lego Marvel, and even a picture of my two boys together. Thank you – the boys can’t wait to go back now

Cat Smith

Received our kidzpod today – I have a very happy 5 year old here who can’t wait for school to start again thank you

Rachael Brown

My girls love theirs and I’m loving how easy they are to clean

Helen Worrall

Love mine too. Just need to design the new pics for the new school yea

Vanja Pascall

I’m really pleased so thank you for great products, lots of their friends have brought them too

Marie-Claire Davies

The best we’ve ever had!! Amazing kit, both the lunchbox and the bottle

Charmaine Kelly

This is great. My son wanted a Captain America lunch box but I know that soon enough he will want to change it. This has just sealed the deal

Kimberley Jones

Thank you, it just arrived! My son Willem promptly made his own pic to go inside …… he’s very excited! Great product

Keleigh Coldron

Here’s my son delighted to use his kidzpod lunch box for the first time at school today-seriously cool, seriously clean, and absolutely no leaky drinks bottle. Will be recommending to everyone I know

Emma Bradshaw

My 2 and 4 year old daughters have had great fun today choosing and sticking pictures for their Kidzpods ready for the new term at school!

Gill Jones

I am on my second order of Kidzpods. My daughters from last year is still looking brand new and so there was no need to replace it. My sons got stood on by a yr 6 child and unfortunately cracked. having said that they are very strong. Ordered my son a green one with dino…

Denise Dee Rushton

Calum & Elliott love theirs, thanks!

Charmaine Kelly

Yay! They have arrived, kids love them but I have been tasked to surf the net finding different images for them to chop and change

Zoe Piper

I’ve just ordered 2, one each for my boys! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a lunch box before! I have one space loving child and one minecraft loving child and finding lunchboxes for these is impossible! This way they can change their minds as often as they like! yay!

Amy Blackham

Think you might be my favourite find yet… My son starts school this year and trying to clean my stepson’s lunch bag has made me desperate for something else!! Great that it can be personalised and evolve with their interests!

Tracey Knight

Kidzpod just arrived this morning,very impressed and very excited little boy couldnt wait to pinch off me when i opened it.well made .and excellent idea thankyou

Catherine Rice

This lunchbox is fantastic. I have a very happy little boy who now has a printout of his local football club logo inserted. He cant wait to show it off

Jay Francis

I ordered a blue & pink one for my son & daughter. Arrived today and…they’re great! Easy to open, very cool looking. Thanks

Donna Mcburnie

Lunch boxes still going strong same box different picture for my children! Oh wait, eldest has left his lunch box at school! Hope it’s still there in September and not grown legs!!!!! Can highly recommend these boxes

Rehana Treece-Birch

I just wanted to say that ours arrived safely. We spent this morning selecting and printing and constructing our pictures. I now have two children who can’t wait to go to school. You probably know that Skylanders swap force is out soon, and my boys can’t wait – there is no merchandise out yet, but…

Barry Jones

This one is for my middle child after getting a kidzpod at Christmas for her elder brother. Next year it will be my youngest so I’ll be purchasing another one then. I must say they are brilliant and I highly recommend them. I have had fabric lunch boxes before buying from you and after a…


l00% sturdy and very easy to keep clean. My child can have a different style each week with the easy to use template design which comes with it. We’ve had one lunch box for just over 4 years and its still going strong.